Medieval Logic, Metaphysics, and Science: Texts and Problems

Lomonosov Moscow State University - Radboud University Joint Colloquium

The Colloquium intends to bring together researchers working on different medieval philosophical traditions (Latin, Byzantine, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, etc.) and particularly exploring matters of logic, ontology, epistemology and scientific thought broadly construed. In particular, the Colloquium aims to showcase the recent scholarship on medieval philosophy that implements a twofold approach, i.e. addressing theoretical philosophical problems in their past iterations and doing so on a rigorous textual basis. 

Research on the plethora of still understudied or practically unknown medieval philosophical texts is growing fast. This whole body of increasingly available research impacts the understanding of traditionally more studied authors, texts and doctrines, now contextualised in a larger and more nuanced framework.

Therefore, throughout the Colloquium, we intend to bring together those scholars who are contributing to changing and expanding the picture of medieval philosophy by discovering, editing, interpreting or re-interpreting both well-known and lesser-known texts that have, nonetheless, played an important role in the history of ideas.

To get the Zoom link please send a message to, indicating your name and institutional affiliation.

Moderators: Graziana Ciola, Danila Maslov 



20 October, 5pm GMT+2 (Europe/Amsterdam Time Zone); 18:00 Moscow Time

Mikhail Shpakovsky,  "Old Russian Short Treatise «On Sosuzhdenie» («On participation») and Its Sources"

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3 November, 5pm GMT+1 (Europe/Amsterdam Time Zone), 19:00 Moscow Time

Stephen Lahey (Lincoln, Nebraska), "Wyclif's De Ente in Communi as Basis for his Propositional Realism"

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10 November, 5pm GMT+1 (Europe/Amsterdam Time Zone), 19:00 Moscow Time

Paul Bakker (Nijmegen), "John Buridan on the Ontological Status of Artifacts: Readings from his Commentaries on Aristotle's Physics"​


17 November, 5pm GMT+1 (Europe/Amsterdam Time Zone), 19:00 Moscow Time

Maria Sorokina (Paris), "Celestial Motion and Celestial Causality in the Commentaries on the Sentences (ca. 1250-ca. 1340)"

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12 January 2022, 5pm (GMT+1; Central European Time); 19:00 GMT+3 (Moscow Time), 

André Martin (Montreal) "Active Intellection Regardless of an Agent Intellect in 13th-14th Century Latin Medieval Philosophy"

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16 Feb 2022 5pm GMT+1 (Central European Time), 19:00 GMT+3 (Moscow Time),

John Antturi (Helsinki), "Aquinas on the Immateriality of the Agent Intellect"

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23 Feb 2022 5pm GMT+1 (Central European Time), 19:00 GMT+3 (Moscow Time),

Vitaly Ivanov (St.-Petersburg), "Nicholas Bonetus, OFM, on res as simul totum and the doctrine of distinctions"

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