Василий Кандинский: синтез искусств, синтез культур

14 - 15 декабря (14 декабря - мероприятия на философском факультете) 2016 года в Москве на философском и историческом факультетах МГУ имени М.В.Ломоносова состоится международная научная конференция "Василий Кандинский: синтез искусств, синтез культур".

Конференция посвящена синтетическим идеям и межкультурному диалогу в творчестве Василия Васильевича Кандинского (1866-1944) и его современников, экспериментам в области синтеза искусств в эпоху авангарда, жизни идей Кандинского в культуре ХХ и ХХI века.

С программой конференции можно ознакомиться по ссылке.


Faculty of Philosophy of the Lomonosov Moscow State University in collaboration with Faculty of History are pleased to announce this event as dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the outstanding Russian painter and art theorist W.W.Kandinsky (1866-1944).

The Conference will be held on December 13 - 15, 2016. Its aim is to explore the synthetic ideas and intercultural dialogue in the art of W.Kandinsky and his contemporaries, experiments in the field of synthesis of arts in the age of avant-garde, the influence of Kandinsky's concepts on the culture of the XX-XXI centuries.

Wassily Kandinsky was inspired to create the synthetic art connecting cultures and people.  Нe innovated the universal pictorial language of forms. W.Kandinsky expressed his worldview not only in painting but also in experimental poetry, the messianic plays, in aesthetic theory, imbued with ideas of humanism, synthesis, internal relationships of science and art. The art of W.Kandinsky was connected with ideas and approaches coming from Richard Wagner, Vladimir Solovyov, Pavel Florensky and some other well-known persons of European and Russian culture. 

Theory and practice of his art, his interaction with artists, writers, philosophers still are relevant research themes. The Blue Rider group initiated by W.Kandinsky was the ambassador of Russian culture in Europe and of European culture - in Russia. Also his genealogy, connecting Russian, German and Buryat (a small ethnos in Russia) roots, became the source of his remarkable creativity.

W.Kandinsky's books, teaching courses and creative unions served the spiritual unification of the peoples and the dialogue of national cultures, inspired several generations of theorists and artists. Paintings by W.Kandinsky are collected in world’s major museums, they are representing Russian influence in modern and postmodern art.

The conference will provide opportunities for researchers to exchange ideas about the intellectual  heritage of Wassily Kandinsky. Organizers encourage submissions that approach this theme from a variety of interdisciplinary and theoretical perspectives. 


Other contact information of the Organizing Committee:

Address: Russia, 119991, Moscow, Lomonosovsky prospekt, 27, building 4, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of aesthetics (aud. G 551).

Phone: +7(495) 939-19-50.