IX Ovsiannikov International Aesthetic Conference (OIAC IX)



20 – 21.11.2019 

For last 50 years expositional institutions have transformed from narrowly profiled societal settlements with functions of museefication, education, recreation, entertainment into key centers elaborating new patterns of social interaction and clusters generating creative trends of all kinds of activity. These transformations are based on slow changes of that period starting from contacts of the audience with exposed objects and finishing with the very organizational foundations of expositional institutions everyday activity. This conference has the aim to give theoretical interpretation of the changes in aesthetic functions of expositional institutions in postmodern culture according to the following thematical panels: 

  1. Aesthetic regime of postmodern expositional institution: from psychical distancing to interactive contact.
  2. “Museum Night” as psychological model of reducing distance between areations of art and the audience.
  3. Meseum in postmodern culture: transformation of aesthetic functions, prinsiples of space organization and aesthetic parameters of atmosphere.
  4. Aesthetic strategies of museefications and museum expositions of contemporary art.
  5. Aesthetical options of digital technologies and new media in postmodern expositional space.
  6. Media art: self-exposing technologies or an expositional medium?
  7. Options of aesthetic development and aesthetic education in postmodern expositional institution.


We kindly ask you to send us your paper with your full name, the name of your academic position, the title of your presentation, abstract, key words, references after the main text, Book Antiqua, 12, interval 1. Your English text must have full Russian translation with the same parameters. The total volume of the two versions must be no more than 15 pages.

Please, before the name paste the number and the theme of the panel discussion you have chosen.

The deadline is March, 1, 2019.

Mark the theme of your letter “OIAC IX”.

We’ll answer on acceptation to March, 20, 2019.

The book of OIAC VIII proceedings will be published until November, 20, 2019.

Don’t hesitate to write me to ask your questions on all aspects of your participation and send your papers to the address of the Organizing Committee aesthesis@philos.msu.ru


Sergey Dzikevich


OIAC IX Organizing committee

co-chairman for foreign affairs